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At Awl Engineering our speciatly is


Need Product Development?

We can take your product from an idea to full scale production.


We will design, analyze, build and test prototypes. 


We will provide technical support from conceptual design to field installation.

Need Product Optimization?

We can improve capacity, functionality, efficiency and durability.

We can assist with Certification and Code Compliance.

Need Product Testing?


Our knowledge of testing includes:

High Temp. High Pressure

(HTHP) Capacity


Load Capacity


Strain Testing


Cycle and FunctionTesting

Our experience and resources can provide you

with a variety of engineering and consulting services

At Awl Engineering your Design Work is modeled using Licensed SolidWorks™ Programming.  We have the means to create 3D Models and Assemblies, Manufacturing Drawings and perform Finite Element Analysis. 

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Foundry Systems

Controls, Material Handling, Steel Prod.