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Awl Engineering has a innovative, creative and forward

thinking team with experience in the following areas:


Materials, Machining, Assembly, Testing, Welding, Coating, Non-Destructive Testing

Downhole Completion Tools: Hangers, Packers, SAGD Equipment, Reamers,

                                               High Temperature High Pressure Packers, Running Tools

Frac. Sleeves and Equipment

Downhole Cementing Equipment

Blow Out Preventers (BOP), Stuffing Boxes


Control Valves: Severe Service, Cryogenic and Check Valves

Gate Valves

Quarter Turn Valves

Pig Valves: Launchers and Receivers

Emergency Shut Down Valves and Multi-Valve Hydraulic Control Circuits

Pressure Pilots and Switches

Pneumatic, Diaphragm and Hydraulic Actuators 

Positioners, Solenoids and Limit Switches

Abrasive Blast Equipment, Reclaimers, Pneumatic Conveyance, Filters

Castings and Foundry Systems



Product Line Creation: Innovative Patented Products

Pipeline and Tank Farm Expansion Equipment

Calculations, FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

3-D Modelling and Drafting - SolidWorks™

Documentation: Assembly Drawings, Machine Shop Drawings, Control System  P&ID's,                                                      Data Sheets, Test Procedures, Material Specifications

Equipment analysis and testing: Strain Gauge, Cycle Testing and Hydro Testing

Slurry Pump and Pipeline Project

Familiar with Industry Standards: ASME, CSA, ASTM, API, ISO

Implementing, Maintaining and Auditing ISO 9001 Quality Systems